Programme 2021-2022


23 September*

Sunshine Susies and Shady Ladies

Jacky Iddon - Jacqueline Iddon's Hardy Plants

7 October

Plants to attract Butterflies

Sue Beesley - Bluebell Cottage Gardens and Nursery

21 October*


Astride the Fence

Neil Timm - The Fern Nursery, Binbrook, Lincs

4 November

Easy Gardening - the Low Maintenance Garden

Geoff Hodge - Freelance Garden Writer, Author, Broadcaster and Horticultural Consultant

18 November*

York Gate Garden Through the Seasons

Ben Preston - Head Gardener, York Gate, Leeds

2 December*

Once Seen Never Forgotten

Don Witton - Planstman and Euphorbia Specialist, Sheffield


6 January

Unusual Bulbs

Kevin Pratt - Plantsman, Village Plants, Hazel Grove

20 January*

Foliage Matters

Maureen Sawyer - Garden Lecturer, Artist, Designer, Stretford

3 February*

Confessions of a Plantaholic

Razvan Chisu - Horticulturalist, MCI Hort., Cheshire

17 February*

Plants with a Story

Samantha Hopes - Hopes Garden Plants, Halesowen

3 March*

Creating Beautiful Borders

Laura Willgoss - Bouts Violas, Wildegoose Nursery, Shropshire

17 March*

A Good Mix of Plants for Spring

Paul Green - Green's Leaves Nursery, Newent

31 March

Perfect Plants for Problem Places

Doug Stewart - Chartered Horticulturalist, Yorkshire

21 April*

Hardy Geraniums: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sue Clarke - Holder of National Collection Hardy Geraniums


  • Speakers bringing Plants for Sale
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