Welcome Letter



Welcome to the Gardening Club. It is gratifying to have so many new members - we hope this information will help you make the most of your membership.


£5 a meeting but only 3 visits a year.


There is a wide and varied collection of books available for you to borrow. Do look, we're sure you will find something of interest. It costs only 20p to borrow a book for 2 weeks (ie between meetings). There is a list of books in the library; if you would like a copy please ask Val Taylor at the reception desk. The person signing books out (usually Carole Baldwin) sits at one of the tables by the reception table.


If members bring surplus plants to our meetings, these plants will be sold at the reception table from when they arrive. Plants brought by lecturers are sold during the interval.


We have a raffle at most meetings. The tickets are 10p each (50p a strip) and the numbers are drawn at the end of the interval. Money raised from the raffle is used to purchase library stock, pay some expenses of the Club and help to pay the cost of a more expensive speaker.


Eileen Clayton and Jane Thornton organise the coach visits during the year. Visits are announced at meetings and posted on the Club Noticeboard and Website. Jane and Eileen will take names and money when booking starts. If places for visitors become available this will be announced. Between meetings please ring Eileen or Jane with your queries or to add your name to the list. Their telephone numbers are on the Gardening Club Membership Card.


Our Plant Sale this session will be held on Saturday, 23 April, 2022. It is an excellent opportunity to purchase plants at very reasonable prices while contributing to Guild funds. We do, however, rely on the generosity of our members in splitting/propagating plants for us to sell. More details nearer the time, but do be prepared - we always have a queue at 10.00 am and the sale is over in about 45 minutes.

The Club’s Website is wggardeningclub.wikidot.com and finally, the Gardening Club Noticeboard is at the bottom of the stairs in the foyer. Please check for the latest news about your Club.


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